One of the questions that people are most curious about in car rental transactions is "who pays for the damage in the rental car?" The reason for this is actually the procedures applied by car rental companies. Nowadays, many companies offer their services with 'all inclusive' rental packages. This will answer many of the questions people have. In other words, in case of damage to the rented vehicles, users do not have to think about traffic insurance and motor insurance. Everything is secured with this package. Only a few cases arising directly from the driver of the rental vehicle can be excluded in case of damage. You can find details about this in the rest of our article.

What Should Be Done If an Accident Occurs With a Rented Car

Car rental can be preferred for holidays, business and many other different needs. According to the needs of people, it can be seen with options such as daily car rental and long-term car rental. Many people have benefited from this service or at least witnessed this process. So, what should be done in case of an accident with a rented vehicle? In this case, many people do not have a sufficient level of knowledge. The decisive factor in experiencing such a situation is the package offered by the rental company and its institutionality. Individually, what you need to do at the time of the accident can be summarized as follows;

-Remain calm. Maintaining your calm even after an accident prevents the extent of material damage from increasing and the worsening of health problems.

-Request ambulance and police crews to the area via 112. Make the necessary informations.

-Inform the situation by contacting your car rental company. Or give information about the situation by calling the number of the insurance company provided to you in the contract. In this way, the towing of the vehicle or the provision of a spare vehicle to you can be carried out.

-Help to keep a record. If it is only an accident with material damage, it will be enough for you to fill in the necessary places in the report with the driver of the opposite vehicle.

-Also perform the photographing operations. Fill out the report correctly, take photos of vehicle damage, whether it is caused by you or not.

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What Happens in Case of Damage to the Rental Car?

If any damage occurs in the event of an accident with a rental car, who will pay for it or in which cases it will be exempt from paying depends on the package you received from the company. In general, companies do not request any action in case of material damage of 2-3 thousand TL. At this stage, the important thing is which side is defective and whether it is out of some criteria. “What happens if I get into an accident with the car I rented?” the question is at least as important as what needs to be done at the time of the accident. If the rental car has been damaged, the following are taken into account;

If there is unilateral damage to the rental car, that is, if you are the defective party, rental income may be claimed for the period during the repair of the vehicle. You can see this as a ‘loss of rent’ in contracts.

However, apart from this, if it is a rental car with a full helmet, the damage is fully covered by insurance and motor insurance, except for certain cases.

If consumption such as alcohol / narcotic substances are detected in you, you are considered completely defective. Insurance and casco do not cover any damage in this case.

In case of a defect on the other side, it also covers insurance and automobile insurance expenses.

If the contract you make with the car rental company is ‘all inclusive’, payments are covered from the company, except in certain cases.

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Who Owns the Engine Failure in Car Rental?

In case of engine failure, it is covered by casco. However, as a result of the examinations carried out by insurance experts, if an obvious user-related problem is detected, an agreement is tried to be reached between the person renting the vehicle and the company. 

What Happens If The Rental Car Is Scratched?

In this case, the contract between the company and the individuals is examined. If it is an "all inclusive" package and the correction of scratches does not exceed the determined price limit, the company covers it. In the opposite case, the situation is reported to the service. Invoice is sent to users.