Antalya, the favorite holiday paradise of Turkey, hosts special holiday resorts from each other. Kemer, one of these holiday resorts, continues to offer a pleasant holiday to countless tourists every year, both local and foreign. In addition to its historical and natural beauties, you can take Kemer car rental service to explore Kemer to its fullest with entertainment venues, delicious dishes and unique views, and you can visit every point of Kemer without any transportation problems.

Antalya Kemer car rental services provide high comfort, especially for families with children. Car rental, which shortens the distance between transportation points, will be the most comfortable option to avoid feeling the heat of Antalya. Moreover, during holidays with more than one person, you can book Antalya car rental services that reduce transportation costs to a minimum in advance.

Kemer Car Rental Conditions

Kemer car rental, which brings with it many advantages, is one of the most frequently preferred services, especially during holiday periods. Moreover, if you meet the necessary terms and conditions, it is possible to complete your rental transactions in a few steps. If you need to Decipher in more detail, among the terms of Kemer car rental are;

  • When renting a car, you must meet the required age requirement and driver's license status. These age and driver's license requirements are different for economy, medium group and luxury vehicles.
  • Driver's license, ID card, residence certificate, etc. the documents must be correct and complete.
  • The rental period of the vehicle and the notes related to the vehicle should be stated in full during the rental transactions.
  • The pay method for car rental transactions must be provided under the conditions specified in the contract.

 Kemer Attractions

Kemer, which is a district connected to Antalya in the Mediterranean Region, opens the doors of a full holiday to its visitors with the rich beauties it has. In addition to natural, historical and cultural beauties, it can respond to all kinds of holiday concepts with entertainment venues October, sea, sand and sun. You can also take a look at the list we have prepared for visiting the beauties waiting to be seen in Antalya Kemer with your rental car;

  • Beydağları National Park
  • Ancient City of Phaselis
  • Cleopatra Bay
  • Çıralı Yanartaş
  • Beldibi Cave
  • Yörük Park
  • Goynuk Canyon
  • Tekirova Beach

How to Rent a Car in Kemer?

Especially during out-of-town trips made for work or vacation, transportation can become a big problem. For those who do not travel outside the city by private car, the most comfortable transportation in Antalya Kemer is provided by car rental services. In this context, the most frequently researched topic of tourists coming to Antalya is how to rent a car in Kemer? happening.

Making a reservation in advance by making an appointment with a reliable Antalya rent a car company will provide you with great convenience in rental transactions. You can perform your transactions online and complete the rental steps without encountering any problems. In addition, you can start enjoying your holiday as soon as you step into Antalya by taking the airport rent a car service.

Kemer Car Rental Prices

Reliability and Kemer rental car prices are the first points that tourists who think about holiday comfort pay attention to when renting a car. Drivers who want to make an economical trip without exceeding the holiday budget also do not want to compromise on comfort. At this point, car rental services that meet expectations in the best way offer a wide range of prices that appeal to every budget.


Kemer car rental prices are mainly the model and equipment of the vehicle to be rented, the duration of the rental, etc. it varies according to many criteria. Apart from that, Kemer daily car rental and monthly car rental costs are of course separated from each other. You can contact our company for information about the rental process and Kemer car rental prices.