Car rental transactions require certain conditions from the beginning to the end. Regardless of the monthly car rental or daily car rental transactions, there are necessary procedures and necessary documents.Before starting the transactions, it is necessary to have information about the car rental conditions and to provide these requirements.

  • The Age of the Driver 

Although the age limit for obtaining a driver's license is 18, the age limit for renting a car is set at 21. This can be 25 for the luxury vehicle status.

  • Duration of the Driver’s Licence

the driving license or permid’s period must be at least 2 years.

  • Additional Driver 

You can also rent a car with an additional driver. For this, you must include the additional driver package in your process first. There is also  21-year age limit and a 2-year driver's license / permid requirement for additional drivers.

  • Car Rental Period

You can rent the car for a daily, weekly and monthly. Pricing may change for these options.

  • Kilometer Limit

 Car rental companies may give a kilometer limit based on the number of days rented. You can also make an addition to your package by considering your route. If the kilometer limit is exceeded, a fee may be added which is determined per kilometer.

  • Insurance

The vehicles are protected by automobile insurance against accidents that may occur during the use process. The exemption transaction of 15000 TL is taken for the first damage caused by the user. While the part of the damage fee of one thousand TL is taken from the user, the rest is covered by insurance.

  • Patterns of Payments

After your transaction is confirmed, you can pay. The credit card you will pay with must be registered in your name.

  • Deposit - Provision

A deposit is requested at the first stage for situations such as traffic fines, exceeding mileage or lack of fuel that may occur during the use of the vehicle. This is also applied to credit cards with the provision process. The provision fees vary according to the age of the person renting the vehicle.

  • The start and end code of the rental

A code is sent via sms to the phone of the person renting the vehicle. When the system is entered, the car rental process starts. In the same way, the system is turned off with the incoming code when the rental period expires.

  • HGS-OGS Tolls

The HGS or OGS passes of the vehicle are determined during the return of the vehicle and the fee is paid. However, if there has been no use at all, there won't be a fee.

  • Delivery of the Vehicle

Vehicle pickup and return delivery are made at the same addresses. It should be photographed from all angles before buying the vehicle. The mileage and fuel gauge are also photographed.

Documents Required for Renting a Car

Along with the conditions required for renting a car, there are also documents required from users for renting a car.

Driver's license: A driver's license that belongs to the person renting the vehicle also it's period should be at least 2 years.

Identity Card/Passport: There is an identity card requirement for Turkish citizens and a passport requirement for foreign citizens.

Residence Certificate: The current residence certificate of the renter must be notified to the company.

Credit Card: In the paying part, the only thing required to rent a car is a credit card. All insurance, HGS, provision-style fees can be charged from the card registered in your name.

Invoice: An invoice written in the name of the person verifying the residence document of the person renting the vehicle is required.

Documents Required For Individual Car Rental

If people want to rent a car while traveling domestically or abroad, they must fulfill some requirements individually. For individual car rentals, driver's license, identity card or passport, residence, credit card and signature declarations are also required. 

Documents Required For Corporate Car Rental

If corporate companies also want to rent a car, they must submit different documents to the rent a car company according to individuals and commercial companies.

  • For commercial companies;

The tax board, balance sheet and trial sheet showing the last years, declaration, commercial registry newspapers, income statement, photocopies of movable / immovable notes belonging to the company, identity document of the person who will make the lease on behalf of the institution and authorization certificate for the last three months, trade registry newspaper in which their names are mentioned, photocopy of documents of the company's leasing decision, trade registry newspaper of the company's partnership and establishment.

  • For the sole proprietorship;

Income and balance sheet statement of the person which approved by the tax office, trial balance and temporary declaration for the last three months, tax certificate for the last year, land registry deed registered on behalf of the lessor, photocopy of land or vehicle licenses, signature declaration of the tenant person, photocopy of identity card.

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